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Bruce W.

Plumbing Sales

Bruce is a veteran of the construction and service trades for close to a half century and is a local who graduated from Woodbridge High School in 1974.  He also attended Sussex Vocational Technical Center and graduated that same year with his degree in Industrial Electricity. Bruce began his career in the trades with Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning in Bridgeville after his graduation. He continued his career with them until 1987 during which time he earned and still holds his Master Plumbers license in both Delaware and Maryland. Bruce is also Backflow Preventer Certified in both Delaware and Maryland, as well as having a universal EPA Certification. Throughout his long career, Bruce has performed in many positions including crew and department leader. Bruce has been on the National HVAC Service team since 2013 and manages the Plumbing Department efforts. With his extensive experience, Bruce stands ready to provide comprehensive solutions for any plumbing needs whether it be in commercial or residential applications.