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Making sure your comfort investment provides you with years of worry-free uninterrupted service to any size facility or residence. Maintenance is the key to trouble-free operation.

Residential Home Comfort Plans and Commercial Building Systems Plans

Coil cleaning. Cleaning both the indoor evaporator and exterior condenser coils saves on energy cost, extends equipment life, and allows for the optimum operation of the system to provide indoor comfort. Electrical tightness. Ensures good solid electrical connections reducing the possibility of wires overheating and burning resulting in system failures. Air filter changes. Traps dust and other unwanted particles from the living space return air. Helps with keeping the evaporator coil clean and efficient while it promotes a cleaner, healthier living environment. Clean Condensate drain and pans. Cleaning of pans and free-flowing drain lines helps prevent the accumulation of slime and gunk build up significantly reducing the potential for damaging water leaks. Operational checks. The checking of voltage, amp draws of electrical components, and performing operational checks such as temperature differences between supply and return air gives a good indication of the heartbeat of the equipment performance.

Plumbing Home Comfort Plans and Commercial Building Booster Pump Plans

Plumbing systems Inspection ensures proper operation and locates minor problems or leaks before they become major problems. Maintaining proper pressures throughout a building's water supply systems through pump maintenance and upgrades to variable frequency drives for energy efficiency. Proactive maintenance greatly reduces the likelihood of interruptions in a home or facility's plumbing systems operation.